Monday, August 18, 2014

Aussie Curves - Everyday Style

If you know me then you will know that I'm a pretty casual kinda gal.  I go out to movies, date nights at local restaurants and go shopping.  When I'm not out and about I'm at home playing video games and watching movies, but wherever I am, I like to dress comfortably. 

I'm probably not the only one who thinks 17 Sundays when I want comfortable clothes and I'm probably preaching to the already converted, those who are already converted, just keep reading anyway. 

This dress is the best piece that I own, I love it so much I considered buying another but sadly it's sold out in my size. It's the first thing I turn to when I want to go out somewhere these days that I have to do the washing more often just so I can wear it more than once a week. 

I'm not the only one that loves my dress either. On the way home Daniel said that this was his favourite dress for me too. It reminds him of a modern interpretation of the dresses Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite wears. The colours are what mostly remind him of her outfits, the gorgeous blues and whites and the full skirts. 

I love Elizabeth, she has such a kind soul, is completely gorgeous and probably the first AI (artificial intelligence) that is actually helpful and not in need of protection while playing the game. Naturally I was elated when he made the connection because this is my absolute FAVOURITE game. It kinda makes me want to get a full cosplay costume for the EB Games Expo in Sydney this October, but I have left the preparations way too late. Maybe I'll just wear this dress instead. The longer I think about it, the more I want to get this choker to wear with the dress too. 

Fit and Flare 3/4 Sleeve Dress - 17 Sundays via Birdsnest
Boots - Target
Belt - Another dress
Necklace - Lovisa

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aussie Curves - Denim

I love all of my jeans, they are such a great piece of clothing to dress up or down. I knew exactly what pair I wanted to show off for this weeks challenge.  You see I have been hunting for a decent pair of boyfriend jeans for years now. Suger tried to help, she even took hers off and let me try them on to see if I liked her Torrid pair (that I'm pretty sure are the same ones she is wearing for this weeks challenge). She is one of the best gals I know, I mean come on, there aren't many people out there who dack themselves just for their friends, AM I RIGHT!  A couple of weeks later I found my own pair and for a complete steal. 

Much thanks to Suger again because I paired the jeans with my Star Wars tee and the floral jacket that she borrowed off of me and has been flouncing around in for months to teach me how to wear it. Thanks lady, I owe you big time! 

I thought the new round of Aussie Curves themes might give me some decent excuses to wear my clothes a bit more often and show you lovely people how I work my style now that I think I've found it. 

Boyfriend Jeans - Target (on sale in store now)
Floral Bomber Jacket - Wonderlust via The Iconic (last season)
Star Wars Plus Size Tee -
Nude Wedges - Emerson for Big W
Bag - Katy Perry Royal Revolution Perfume freebie with purchase from Priceline
8 Bit Heart Necklace - Modcloth

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

QLD Bloggers Weekend

I knew for this meet up I wanted to wear something bright and colourful that I felt comfortable in. This meant that I was finally able to take my new Hope and Harvest pieces out for a spin and see how well they all worked together. 

When H&H had their sale a couple of months ago, I bought ALL the things. I ended up with all 3 o the wide belted skirts and all 3 of the maxi skirts and even had some money left over for the Floral Kimono that I have been gushing over ever since it came out.

When I received my H&H haul in the mail I was just amazed at the quality of the fabric and how well the clothes had been tailored to fit plus size women. I love that the skirts are made to stretch depending where on my body I want to wear them. They are just so versatile, so easy to dress up for a night out or dress down for that coffee catch up with friends.  I find now that when I need something that is easy and quick, I turn to my skirts. They are AMAZING!! 

I would also like to thank Harvest and the girls for their exceptional service through the entire purchasing process. The H&H team really know their stuff when it comes to plus size fashion and what us girls want in our clothes. 

I have to admit, I was a tad nervous, but I was more excited to meet in person, all of the amazing girls I have chatted with over Facebook and shared outfit posts with on Instagram.  We ate some amazing food and drank the afternoon away and afterwards even had time to head up to the City Chic outlet at Harbour Town for some bargain hunting. All in all it was a great day that led into an awesome fun filled night! (more on that later)

What I'm wearing:

Boho Kimono - Hope & Harvest  
Split Skirt - Hot Pink - Hope & Harvest 
White Tee - Autograph 
Metal Plate Belt - City Chic 
Necklace - Lovisa

Friday, May 9, 2014

Welcome back!

It's been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, weeks months!!  I wasn't happy with how I was using my blog and felt I needed some time to start fresh, put some ideas together in my head and then make them work.

The former name of the blog 'Curvy Em' felt right at the time but after much thought I didn't feel that it was the best way to describe the real me in a few simple words, Geek Chic Girl does! I mean, hello! I'm a geek, I'm chic annnnnd I'm a girl...last time I checked.

I'm going to write about things in my life that excite and energise me, video games and plus size fashion.  After talking to other bloggers about what they write and why, the consensus was that they were writing about what they love and not what others love.  I love gaming and everything geeky ie: Star Wars and I love fashion, so that's really a no brainer isn't it and they don't seem to overlap in my life, each is given as much equal love as the other......most of the time.

So welcome.......again, sit back and relax. I really hope that you enjoy all the ramblings about gaming/geekery (is that even a word? Well it is now), fashion and everything in between.

To start things off I'll give you a sneak peek into two blog posts that I'm working on. The first is my night out for my best friend's costume/birthday party, guess what I went as!! The second is from my weekend away with the QLD Aussie Cuves girls, WHAT A BLAST!! Stay tuned! xx